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Show your proximity to Brittany with the .bzh!

There are many local extensions: .london , .nyc , etc… Their aim is to develop the local digital economy by…

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The Registry in charge of the .place removes its registration requirements!

As you may have noticed, some domain name registrations are subject to specific requirements. The registrant’s place of residence, the…

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Legal and justice professional? Check out our legal extensions!

At Netim, we believe that specialized extensions are a way to showcase your expertise. That’s why we offer a wide…

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The .CLOUD is the perfect ally for your digital solutions!

There are many gTlds in our extensions catalog. Today, we want to share with you the different uses of the…

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The .INK, .WIKI and .DESIGN are on sale until the end of June!

Three extensions of the Top Level Design Registry are on sale. They are .INK, .WIKI and .DESIGN. Each of them…

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The .WIEN (Vienna) is on sale during the month of April!

It is not always easy to make your way on the Internet. That is why many cities have decided to…

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In April, the .SHOP is on sale at 3€, let’s offer a memorable address to your website!

If there is one thing that Internet has developed it is online shopping. In fact, e-commerce websites are multiplying and…

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Actors of the artistic sector? Enjoy the discount on the .ART !

Over the past few years, the art and the relationship we have with it has evolved. Museums and galleries are…

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Health professionals, take a look at our specific extensions!

During the past few years, the health sector’s digital transformation has been underway. Whether it is to facilitate appointments making,…

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From Montenegro to Spotify, take a look at the .ME!

What’s a .ME domain?   To begin with, the .ME represents the national extension of Montenegro. For instance, it is…

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