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Can’t find your domain with the legacy extensions? Try the .xyz!

When setting up a business, it is often said that domain name availability played a role in the brand name…

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From June 1st to 15th, the .com is on sale with Netim !

Needless to say, .com is the most popular top-level extension. It was created in the mid-1980s by the US government…

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Your .eu, .ею and .ευ extensions at €12 only for 10 years (from May 3rd to 12th)!

On the occasion of an exceptional promotion on the .eu, .ею and .ευ extensions let’s take a look back on…

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16 extensions of the GRS registry are on sale until the end of June!

Until the end of June, 16 extensions of the GRS registry are on sale: .Bid , .Date , .Download ,…

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Our selection of extensions dedicated to artistic crafts!

On the occasion of the European Artistic Crafts Day, we offer you a selection of specialized extensions. Whether you are…

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The .beauty .hair .skin & .makeup are joining our extension extensions list!

On March 2, 2021 at 14:00 UTC 4 beauty extensions will be launched: .beauty .hair .skin & .makeup! These were…

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The .alsace in on sale at €10 excl.tax until the April 25, 2021!

Local extensions have many advantages: making a region more dynamic, strengthening the sharing of cultures on the web, etc. Find…

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20 extensions of the UniRegistry are on special offer!

Until the end of 2021, around 20 extensions of the UniRegistry are on sale. Find out which ones thanks to…

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The .ART registry releases 3,000 domains on February 24, 2021!

Over the past few years, the art and the relationship we have with it have evolved. Museums and galleries are…

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Attract students from all over the world with .college!

Today, many sectors are building up their digital presence. Whether by necessity or to keep up with a global trend,…

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