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The .WIEN (Vienna) is on sale during the month of April!

It is not always easy to make your way on the Internet. That is why many cities have decided to…

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Health professionals, take a look at our specific extensions!

During the past few years, the health sector’s digital transformation has been underway. Whether it is to facilitate appointments making,…

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From Montenegro to Spotify, take a look at the .ME!

What’s a .ME domain?   To begin with, the .ME represents the national extension of Montenegro. For instance, it is…

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Discover why .ORG is right for you and start your own story today!

For over thirty years, the .ORG has ensured the digital presence of associations, companies and individuals. What qualities have attracted…

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Can’t find your domain with the legacy extensions? Try the .xyz!

When setting up a business, it is often said that the domain name availability played a role in the brand…

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.ελ and .ευ : two extensions in Greek script are joining our catalog!

If many extensions accept non-Latin characters, including the Greek script, rare are those only dedicated to this alphabet. Thus, thanks…

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The .UK domain family on special sale during October!

On the occasion of our special offer on the .UK domain family, let’s take a look back on the Registry…

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.Africa, .Durban, .Joburg, .CapeTown at half price during the month of September!

The Asante promotion is a biannual discount (September and February) on four African geographic extensions (gTLDs). The concerned extensions are…

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Take a look at the .ie extension, its promotion and its incredible evolution for the past five years!

For a few years now, the IE Domain Registry in charge of the management and administration of Ireland’s official internet…

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The .alsace in on sale at €10 excl.tax until the 31st of October 2019!

Local extensions have many advantages. Beyond boosting a region, they also help strengthen cultural identities on digital platforms. Take a…

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