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.ART and the rise of internet, or when digitization touches the artistic market

Over the past few years, the art and the relationship we have with it has evolved. Museums and galleries are filled with digital tools (virtual reality, screens, projections, etc.) that contribute to the understanding or elaboration of certain works.

The actors of the artistic sector, whether they are museums, foundations or artists, seek to create a stable and lasting digital presence. In fact, with the in-crease of these new ways of creating, there is a constant question of authenticity and provenance.

Facing these changes, .ART aims to support institutions and artists in their digital transition. Find out about the creation process of this extension, as well as its values and objectives. Then learn the terms and conditions regarding the discount.


Between technology and creativity


For the past few years, .ART has been supporting and promoting the digital development of artistic structures. How? By creating a digital territory dedicated to the world of art and culture. The core values of this community are their desire to inspire, connect and educate.

Thus, by clearly setting out its objectives and values, this extension has succeeded in establishing itself as the perfect match for the artistic sector.

Through wise advice, a stylized graphic identity and great technology, this extension adds value to artistic structures’ digital identity.


An extension in line with the art market


In one of their article, the registry explains that if there is one sector that remains stable over the years, it is art. And the eponymous extension is not making any exception to the rule.

Thus, the .ART has now risen to the 50th place in the ranking of the world most used extensions (out of 1,226). This extension has now overtaken certain famous one such as .party, .business or even .london.

This increase can be explained, among other things, by the international aspect of the “art” term. The register lists more than 55,000 domains sold in 150 countries. A particularly interesting solution regarding the universality of artistic approaches.


They have adopted the .ART …

Do you remember the year Banksy shredded his “Girl with Balloon”? Developer Lee Martin took up this idea by proposing a platform where you can experience the pleasure of destroying any artwork or image of your choice, instantly, anonymously and without any consequence.


Procreate® is a graphic editing application for digital painting developed for IOS. It was designed in response to Ipad’s graphic capabilities in 2011.


Randal Ford is one of the few photographers to have taken so many animal portraits. Capturing the moment as well as animal instinct is a real challenge that many artists would like to take on. On its website, animals play the leading role!

Want to look a lion in the eye? You are in the right place …



Take a look at our exceptional discount




The . ART is currently on sale until November 15, 2020, included.

Price: 6€ excluding tax instead of 16€ excluding tax/year

Offer valid only during the first year of registration 

Registration conditions: open to all


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