The .alsace in on sale at €10 until the 31st of October 2019!

Find out everything you need to know about the .alsace : its history, advantages and the current discount!

Local extensions have many advantages. Beyond boosting a region, they also help strengthen cultural identities on digital platforms. Take a look at the .alsace history, advantages and current discount!

 A little bit of history…


First created in 2014, this extension was then opened to public in 2015. The .alsace is open to all whether professional or particular, the registration process is under the rule of “first come, first served” basis. Therefore, it is possible to register any kind of websites such as “” or email addresses.

The first domain name created with this extension was the Registry “”. It remains in the line of French regional extensions: Bretagne (.bzh), Corse (.corsica) and Paris (.paris).

Although this extension is open to all, it goes without saying that the aim here is to promote Alsatian actors. The objective of this extension is to make the region more visible to the internet user and boost the Alsatian digital economy.


Promote Alsace with its local extension!


In this digital age, it is more and more important to deploy its cultural specificity on the internet. This tool makes it possible to reach a particularly broad target, and this, everywhere in the world. The Alsatian region has taken advantage of the social media and internet possibilities through specific operation such as #AlsaceFanDay.

This event, which Netim covered, allowed many Alsatians expatriates to celebrate and spread Alsatian gastronomy.


“The .alsace embodies two values dear to Alsace: forging bonds and enhancing world citizenship. Afnic is delighted to participate in this collective project and to put the experience and skills of its teams at the service of these values.” Mathieu WEILL, former Director of Afnic



Apart from spreading the Alsatian culture, there are many commercial advantages owning a local extension. In particular, the possibility for a company to assert its digital identity, adapt its communication strategy…

In addition, some regional actors will more likely to work with local companies.

Finally, the relevance of geographical extensions in search engines facilitates the visibility of the products, know-how and services offered in Alsace.


The .alsace is on sale until the 31st of October 2019!


This extension is on sale until the 2019/10/31 at Netim!


Currently available to order

Conditions: open to all 

Price: €10 instead of €36 


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